Who will participate in the TMT program?

This program is entirely voluntary. Mentor support is aimed at strengthening and enriching your practice so that you are more effective and your students are more successful.

What could TMT volunteers do for you?

TMT is designed with individual teachers in mind. Volunteer mentors will work with you on whatever topic or issue is important to you. If you're a new teacher they can assist you with setting goals and priorities for successfully starting your year. If you're an experienced teacher, they can be an extra set of eyes and ears for data gathering or for a teacher research study. The goal is to respond to your needs ranging from classroom discipline, behavior management, preparing for parent/teacher conferences, to simply being a sounding board for your concerns and challenges. The assistance may also include in and out-of class support and feedback, modeling of lessons, planning for the school year, intervention strategies, etc. The focus will be on the requests of each interested classroom teacher.

How do teachers get started?

If you are interested in working with an TMT volunteer, send us an email at teachersmentoringteachers@gmail.com or call Mary at (907) 957-8105.

When do the teachers and TMT volunteers meet?

Meetings are based entirely on both the teacher and mentor’s schedules, for short, specific times (a quick drop-in) or for the duration of an instructional unit. Some teachers may want to meet during the day when class is being held, and others may want to meet after the school day has ended. It all depends on what support the interested teacher is requesting.